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When legendary hedge fund Louis Bacon returned his clients’ capital last year, possibly to avoid distraction from the destruction of his Bahamian neighbor and bête noire, he probably couldn’t have known with certainty just how bad tings would get for Canadian discount fashion mogul Peter Nygard. He’d already seen their battle over tony Lyford Cay end in an arrest warrant for Nygard and the seizure of his impossibly garish and tasteless estate thereon. Since then, Bacon’s efforts to have Nygard exposed as a notorious sex criminal and human trafficker have exceeded beyond his wildest dreams: his company in bankruptcy and sold for parts; dozens of women alleging impossibly horrible assaults; and now a book to memorialize all of it and more.

“Throughout the day, he’d ask a particular girl if she’d like to stay the night.” If she said no? Ross alleged, “Then there’s always drugging….” She even has alleged that Nygard went so far as to kill her family dog. The New York Times found that Nygard actually wired her $10,000 at one point, emailing Ross: “I sent you money to buy a new dog…..”

“I may be the only person in the world,” he bragged, “who has my own embryos growing in a petri dish.”

One of his girlfriends, Suelyn Medeiros, wrote in her 2014 memoir about a trip she took with Nygard to Ukraine, where he was having stem cell research done.

“He asked, ‘Suelyn, do you know what the best stem cells are?’” she writes.

She did: Embryos.

“Correct!” she says Nygard responded. “If you got pregnant and had an abortion, we could use those embryonic cells and have a life’s supply for all of us: you, your mother and me. A lot of people are doing it.”

Well, if you’re wondering just how much Bacon is enjoying all of this, why, take a look:

Billionaire investor Louis Bacon’s Moore Capital… has gained 17 per cent so far this year, according to people familiar with the figures, which would rank it among the world’s best-performing hedge funds…. Moore’s gains, which would rank among its biggest annual returns over the past decade, come as macro hedge funds enjoy a long-awaited revival.

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