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The prospect of parenthood has a tendency to change a person’s perspective and priorities. This would not seem to apply to Elon Musk, since the child he welcomed to the world yesterday is his sixth. Still, the impending arrival of little X Æ A-12 Musk seems to have made the elder Musk question everything, like whether a billionaire should own anything other than stock in his own companies. Or, you know, maybe he was just bored waiting around the hospital and decided to indulge in his favorite self-destructive habit to screw with people.

This would seem a strange thing for the CEO and largest shareholder of a company to say about it, and even stranger to imagine it winning the SEC-required approval of his Twitter babysitters. (Maybe there are benefits to the quarantine after all, not that Elon would admit it.) But, as it turns out, Musk has just moved onto a higher plane of consciousness where he, a man who (allegedly) sells possessions, requires none of his own.

I can’t even begin to imagine why a woman about to give birth to your child would be unhappy that the only caveat to your sudden lack of concern for the material is the historic preservation of the material memory of a comic actor. Then again, she might not need to worry, because if Musk really does plan to sell all seven of his California houses and any other home he might own, he’s starting slowly—with Wilder’s house and one other.

That house, complete with pool and guest cottage, is on the Zillow website for $9.5m. The second, described as "on private knoll overlooking Bel Air Country Club and the city and ocean beyond", has a $30m sale price.

That should certainly help with the down payment on the place on Mars.

It’s hard to feel bad for the newborn son of a billionaire. And yet.

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