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The New York Mets are no strangers to losing, and even arguably to losing on purpose. But they are the Mets, and so they can’t even tank as well as anyone else, even in their own division.

Now, the Philadelphia 76ers: They know how to lose in style, and even to brand it. As part of former General Manager Sam Hinkie’s “Process,” which was to be trusted under all circumstances, the Sixers won 47 games over a three-year period, including a masterpiece 10-win season—and lost 199, all in the name of stockpiling draft picks that have allowed the team to make the playoffs in each of the past two seasons and lose in the second round.

All of this innovation was overseen by Josh Harris, the Apollo Global Management co-founder who bought the team in 2011. Nor does Harris’ ability to stockpile disappointment end on the hardwood: Just up I-95, the New Jersey Devils have put up a somewhat less putrid 236-240-85 record since Harris bought them in 2013, in which time they have managed a grand total of one playoff appearance and one playoff game victory.

It’s enough to make even a Mets fan sick. Speaking of which,

Josh Harris, the billionaire co-founder of Apollo Global Management, and David Blitzer, an executive at private equity firm Blackstone, are among the suitors for the New York Mets, according to people familiar with the matter…. Talks are still in the early stages, said one of the people, who was granted anonymity because the matter is private.

Quite the vertiginous turnaround for a fanbase which, just a few months ago, was eagerly awaiting the arrival of one of their own (and his billions and lack of scruples and overweening desire to win) to the Citi Field owner’s box, but one perfect for today’s Major League Baseball, where success is not measured in wins or losses (or even games played), but by how much you can sell your team on to the next sucker for.

Harris, meantime, bought the 76ers in 2011 for about $287 million. They’re worth $2 billion, according to Forbes.

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