Point72 Asset Management itself may be good-natured about the lawsuit accusing it of gender bias, but former President Douglas Haynes is not. And he’s especially unhappy about associate director Laura Bonner going on CNN and reciting the unfavorable allegations she made about Haynes in that lawsuit, such as his penchant for writing and saying all sorts of unpleasant things about women. So he filed a lawsuit himself, so that a judge could explain to him the “fair and accurate report” privilege in defamation cases without even calling him a pussy.

In a decision issued on Monday, Justice Lucy Billings of the state supreme court in Manhattan called Lauren Bonner’s comment a “fair and accurate” description of her related civil lawsuit against the former president Douglas Haynes, Point72 and the firm’s billionaire founder Steven A. Cohen.

Judge dismisses ex-Point72 president’s defamation lawsuit against woman who alleged sexism [Reuters]