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We all know that “mysterious Malaysian financier” Jho Low likes the finer things in life: lavish, star-studded parties in New York and Las Vegas; quarter-billion dollar yachts; Van Goghs, Monets and Picassos; “The Wolf of Wall Street;” the sight of Miranda Kerr at a see-through grand piano; Marlon Brando’s Oscar; oceans of Cristal; the world’s best nasi goreng fried rice, handmade by the CEO of Malaysia’s highly-corruptible sovereign wealth fund. And, of course, real estate: $100 million worth, including two places in Mayfair, two in Beverly Hills, and two in Manhattan, presumably purchased in succession to his former $100,000-a-month place in the Park Imperial. Suffice it to say, the man knew how to live before having to flee to China to escape justice in the $9 million 1MDB scandal.

And, thanks to his agreement to give up nearly $1 billion in assets in absentia, those wanting a taste of the Low life can get it, usually at a significant discount, from the U.S. Marshals. The Soho loft and Hollywood Hills mansion are already gone, and now, too, is Beyoncé and Jay Z’s old place at the Mandarin Oriental.

The four-bedroom penthouse is the only unit in the building with a private 500-square-foot terrace overlooking Central Park, according to the listing with agent Adam Modlin, who could not immediately be reached for comment…. Offered fully furnished, the home also has floor-to-ceiling windows, soaring ceilings, a great room primed for entertaining, a formal dining room and a top-of-the-line kitchen, the listing said…. Mr. Low paid $30.55 million for the home in July 2011, records with PropertyShark show.

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