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A couple of years ago, Dan Och began to feel that the former waterskiing instructor he’d plucked from obscurity and groomed to take over his namesake hedge fund had gotten a bit ungrateful (and, frankly, greedy) amidst an African bribery scandal existential crisis for the firm. So Och decided that Jimmy Levin would never become CEO of Och-Ziff Capital Management. And, indeed, Levin never did become CEO of Och-Ziff, because the guy who did become CEO of Och-Ziff, Robert Shafir, made sure he would be the last CEO of Och-Ziff, since the second Och was out the door Och-Ziff stopped being Och-Ziff. And so, next year, Jimmy Levin will become CEO of Not Och-Ziff Capital Management Anymore. Way to get the last laugh, Danny.

Sculptor Capital Management said on Wednesday that Chief Investment Officer James Levin will become chief executive officer… on April 1…. Levin, who joined Sculptor in 2006, had been slated to take over the helm in 2018, but Och suddenly changed his mind around Christmas 2017 to reassert control…. As CIO Levin is responsible for the SCU Credit Opportunities fund… which… had a rocky start to the year with double-digit losses….

Hedge fund Sculptor picks Levin as CEO after stalled succession plan [Reuters]


This is fun.

Dan Och: Adrenaline Junkie

Saving his firm was such a rush that the Och-Ziff founder decided on a grievous self-inflicted wound to try again.

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Man Who Presided Over Continent-Wide Bribery Scheme Unhappy With Old Firm’s Corporate Governance

Dan Och would never have allowed this kind of thing to go on under his watch. Corruption on a lavishly grand scale, yes, but not overpaying a f*cking ski instructor.

By World Economic Forum [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Who Is This ‘Dan Och’ You Speak Of?

The former Och-Ziff Capital Management no longer dares speak its founder’s name.


Local Man Goes On Television To Explain The Obvious

Were you wondering why Och-Ziff Capital Management changed its name? Me either, but allow CEO Rob Shafir to allude to the reasons in broad strokes.

This is fun.

Dan Och May Have Sold His Soul To The Devil

Something’s got to account for Och-Ziff’s escape from its downward spiral.


Turns Out Hedge Fund Bribery Does Have Victims

Och-Ziff may not be Och-Ziff anymore, but it’s still paying dearly for Och-Ziff’s crimes.