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A couple of years ago, Dan Och began to feel that the former waterskiing instructor he’d plucked from obscurity and groomed to take over his namesake hedge fund had gotten a bit ungrateful (and, frankly, greedy) amidst an African bribery scandal existential crisis for the firm. So Och decided that Jimmy Levin would never become CEO of Och-Ziff Capital Management. And, indeed, Levin never did become CEO of Och-Ziff, because the guy who did become CEO of Och-Ziff, Robert Shafir, made sure he would be the last CEO of Och-Ziff, since the second Och was out the door Och-Ziff stopped being Och-Ziff. And so, next year, Jimmy Levin will become CEO of Not Och-Ziff Capital Management Anymore. Way to get the last laugh, Danny.

Sculptor Capital Management said on Wednesday that Chief Investment Officer James Levin will become chief executive officer… on April 1…. Levin, who joined Sculptor in 2006, had been slated to take over the helm in 2018, but Och suddenly changed his mind around Christmas 2017 to reassert control…. As CIO Levin is responsible for the SCU Credit Opportunities fund… which… had a rocky start to the year with double-digit losses….

Hedge fund Sculptor picks Levin as CEO after stalled succession plan [Reuters]


This is fun.

Dan Och Hates His Former Protégé So Much He’s Willing To Bring His Own Decisions Into Disrepute To Slander Him

If you thought the former hedge fund manager could stoop no lower or make himself look any more ridiculous, you were wrong.

This is fun.

Having Run His Former Protégé And Designated Successor’s Name Through The Mud, Dan Och Is Satisfied

And once it is determined that no one wants to buy his old hedge fund, his work there will be done.

This is fun.

Sculptor Calls Bullsh*t On Dan Och’s Savior Complex

Remember all the bribing on your watch that required saving from in the first place, Danny?

By World Economic Forum [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Dan Och: I Never Saw Any Proof The Man I Picked To Succeed Me Wasn’t A Rapist

Sure, I gave him $300 million anyway, but that was before I found a super-secret extra-convenient second source on the alleged sexual assault.

This is fun.

Dan Och: Adrenaline Junkie

Saving his firm was such a rush that the Och-Ziff founder decided on a grievous self-inflicted wound to try again.

By World Economic Forum [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

If Dan Och Can’t Have His Former Hedge Fund Then No One Can!

Or, more specifically, multiple entities can, but no one can have the whole thing—least of all his ungrateful former deputy.

This is fun.

Man Who Paid Himself $3.9 Billion To Run Hedge Fund Thinks Guy Running Hedge Fund Is Overpaid

Also, the same man who failed to notice the continent-wide bribery ring run by his lieutenant isn’t impressed with the hedge fund’s corporate governance.