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It’s been a tough week for Steve Cohen, New York Mets fan. Not only did he learn that he’ll have to watch the team play (and lose) this year, but he’s also had to watch his good friend Alex Rodriguez get mixed up with all sorts of discreditable riff-raff in what was supposed to be a stalking-horse bid for what Cohen hoped would be the resurrection of his own. Worse, a bunch of people with as much or even more money than he are suddenly interested in the Flushing Nine as the Mets doggedly pursue “some kind of transaction” with literally anybody but Steve Cohen.

Humiliating enough, to be sure. But not quite as humiliating as having the guys who blocked your childhood dream, poisoning the water for any future such dream for good, vindictive measure, give you a call to say that, while they won’t take his $3.1 billion, as a minority shareholder in the team, he owes them a few million now, and probably another few million later, to sustain their ongoing carnival of incompetence.

The Mets posted such a steep net loss in 2019 that the managing partnership made a capital call of about $45 million, of which the remaining eight limited partners had to pay roughly $15 million. This season—if MLB’s plan for a 60-game season is carried out—the Mets will likely ask their investors to put in even more money than last year because of the absence of stadium revenue.

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