UBS is no stranger to vacating huge spaces, and it’s set to put that rare bit of expertise to work as, well, it gets back to work. Those of you who will be getting back to work, that is.

Chief Operating Officer Sabine Keller-Busse said that as many as a third of its employees could work remotely on a permanent basis…./UBS is still assessing which roles will return to the office, Keller-Busse said in an interview during Bloomberg’s Invest Global event on Monday. Back-office roles are more likely to continue working remotely, while trading operations are more easily conducted on the premises, according to Keller-Busse./“We will see a hybrid situation,” said Keller-Busse. “We will see quite less travel.” She added that for some roles, such as bankers preparing an initial public offering, being physically present will remain important, while advisory relationships with wealthy clients can continue virtually.

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