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Today, bitcoins and the like are literally useless for any purpose other than losing money. But what if, five years from, young people begin demonstrating against “injustice and corruption” and begin supporting those causes it deems beneficial? (Wildly speculative, we know.) And let’s say the U.S. government believed there was a military role for shutting that down, and that the military itself did, too? (Farfetched, yes, but go with us.) Well, said military fears, in such a scenario, bitcoins would become quite useful, indeed.

During face-to-face recruitment, would-be members of Zbellion are given instructions for going to sites on the dark web that allow them to access sophisticated malware to siphon funds from corporations, financial institutions, and nonprofits that support “the establishment.” The gains are then converted to Bitcoin and distributed to “worthy recipients” including fellow Zbellion members who claim financial need…. In the world of JLASS 2018, Gen Z’s most militant members have essentially taken to privately taxing large corporations and other institutions to combat income inequality or, as the war gamers put it, using the “cyber world to spread a call for anarchy.”

Crazy, right? And definitely not something the ruling party would seek to turn into a reality.

The Pentagon war game documents have been revealed after Florida Republican Representative Matt Gaetz called for the government to "freeze" the money of demonstrators after country-wide protests over the killing of George Floyd turned violent this month.

Cryptoanarchists of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but a couple of tall, obnoxious assholes, and possibly a couple of centuries of racial and economic injustice.

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