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Once upon a time, Steve Cohen played hardball with the New York Mets (’ owners) and lost (the chance to buy the team). Heartbreaking as this must have been for the little boy from Great Neck who grew up cheering on Tom Seaver and Ed Kranepool and Donn Clendenon, it was not his last chance to play hardball with the very same owners and lose in the very same way. And even that might not have been his last chance, in spite of reports that the Wilpons have made baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred promise on his mother’s still-empty grave that he would never ever ever in a hundred gajillionty years allow Steve Cohen to buy a baseball team.

You see, the Wilpons—being the Wilpons—still have money trouble, and swear that, this time, they’re really, really gonna sell the team, honest. So Manfred’s minions have gone ahead and pre-approved seven potential bidders. We don’t know who has gotten the go-ahead from the league office, although we know that Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez haven’t given up hope, having enlisted the possible partnership of the pugilistic Vince Viola. And neither has Steve Cohen, according to, uh, someone on Twitter.

Before you go dismissing Goldman, who boasts the unimpeachable credential of “freelance producer for ABC News” as well as those of “intrepid explorer, criminal justice warrior, and fearless reporter,” as well as “former stockbroker,” you should know that she’s a Wharton grad, and hence like Cohen and our president a super genius. And there’s good reason to think that Cohen might be among the seven sanctioned shoppers, given that he’s already been approved by MLB to buy a team time and again. Maybe this time, it will actually happen. (It probably won’t.)

A-Rod, J.Lo Group Are Among Seven MLB-Approved Mets Bidders [Sportico]



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