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Goldman Sachs has been rather meticulous about social-distancing in reopening its offices around the world, with many of the Elect told to remain away from 200 West until well into next year. It’s also recently had a very painful and expensive lesson in the law’s applicability to God’s own investment bank, with another to come. So you’d think that CEO David Solomon would be very careful about returning to his happy placeon stage in the Hamptons, spinning some tight EDM takes on the hits of his childhood for his fans.

People were ready to party in the Hamptons, and Goldman Sachs Chief Executive David Solomon, fresh off a great quarter and a multibillion-dollar fine to settle criminal charges in Malaysia, was one of them….

Solomon was on stage for an hour, just him and a turntable on an elevated platform, mask around neck, surrounded by animations of cherries and his deejay name, D-Sol, in flashing bubble letters. He put his hand up in the air, playing electronic dance beat takes on popular songs -- not unlike the Chainsmokers, with more Fleetwood Mac than Coldplay. Giant plumes of smoke went up in front of the stage as the sky turned pink and orange….

“Standing up there and watching the sunset, looking out over this huge field of cars and people on their cars, it was absolutely beautiful,” Solomon said Monday in an interview.

Huh. That doesn’t sound very careful, safe, socially-distanced or legally-compliant at all. At least, not to Andrew Cuomo, who is rather annoyingly persnickety about these kinds of things.

Still, it does look like it was fun. And we hope that everyone there had it, because it might be the last D.J. D-Sol spin for some time. Maybe.

The organizers said in a statement that they collaborated with all state and local health officials and the concert followed the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) guidelines.

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