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We admit that sometimes (often) the doings and decisions of the rich people we cover often mystify us. Why, just this week, an absolutely incomprehensible dispute between hedge fund manager Chris Hohn and his ex-wife over their charitable foundation ended with Hohn’s side conceding that the whole thing didn’t matter.

But this? This is some next-level crazy rich guy shit.

“The head of a large hedge fund was being relocated and paid $175,000 to charter a brand-new Gulfstream G450 to move his dog and its nanny while the owner and his wife flew British Airways,” says Privé Jets co-founder Isaac Grimberg….

In case you, like us, have never flown in a Gulfstream G450, you should know it is not some tiny Cessna-style prop plane that would require the aforementioned nanny to keep Rover in his kennel on her lap. It is, according to NetJets, a 90-foot-long “impressive global business jet” that can comfortably accommodate 14 people and ample baggage, as well as presumably even the largest imaginable dog.

Hating your ex-wife enough to mount an entirely silly and unnecessary but presumably very expensive legal challenge to a deal you’d made with her we could just, on the very edge of our sanity, understand. Flying commercial while a private jet with your dog and 13 empty seats follows along we cannot, unless you really hate that dog, in which case, why are you bringing it along in the first place? Did the hedge fund manager need the miles? Does anyone who can drop $175,000 on a charter flight for their dog need the miles? Were there no G450s with those seats that can full recline to allow for sleep? Could they not have filled the cargo space with all of the Laurent-Perrier Grand Siècle they could possibly hope to drink? WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE??!!?

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