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Barring an exceptional lapse in judgement or an ill-timed wrong turn into France, Florian Homm will never see the inside of an American prison. In spite of the international man of mystery and ballistics’ having run his Absolute Capital Management into the ground and himself off with something like $200 million in lost or stolen money, he got out of an Italian prison following his arrest at the Uffizi on a technicality and hightailed it back to his native Germany, which does not ship sons of the Fatherland abroad to face justice.

Unfortunately, his partner chose not to ride out the ACM storm in either Colombia or Italy or, even better, a country without an extradition treaty with the U.S. Instead, Todd Ficeto was doubly unfortunate in that he chose to hide out in Marion, Ohio, and is an American. And so he was arrested and tried and convicted of 18 federal charges, and will now be spending about as much time as Homm spent in Colombia reaching into his Calvin Kleins when the check came in a federal prison, as judges are not inclined to look terribly kindly upon those convicted of stealing nine figures, raging pandemic or otherwise.

A former Beverly Hills stockbroker who worked with a fugitive hedge fund manager was sentenced Monday to six years in prison for his role in a stock manipulation scheme that fleeced investors out of more than $200 million…. Defense attorneys unsuccessfully argued for a term of home detention in light of the coronavirus pandemic raging in prisons.

Ex-Beverly Hills Stockbroker Sentenced to Prison for $200M Stock Manipulation Scam [NBC 4 News]



Global Pandemic Compels Accused Fraudster To Decline Invitation To Trial In Country He Can’t Be Extradited To

Your Honor, Florian Homm has a doctor’s note and Article 16 of the German constitution.


Prosecutors Sorry About Sending Defense Only A First Draft, Would Like To Keep Their Convictions, Please

Sure, the final version was way more damning to the hedge fund managers it helped send to jail, but, like, pretty please?

By Federal Bureau of Prisons ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Mathew Martoma Isn’t Getting Out Of Jail

In trying, though, he did get the definition of insider-trading broadened again. So there’s that.


Hedge Fund Fraudster Sentenced To ‘Long Enough For People To Forget The Name You Were Dropping’ Years

It’s safe to say that boasting about managing the Genovese drug store fortune in 2032 will be even less of a draw to potential investors than it was in 2015.