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You wouldn’t think the potential defeat of President Donald Trump’s bid for a second term would be anything but a delight for Henry Laufer. After all, like his Renaissance Technologies co-founder and fellow billionaire Jim Simons, Laufer and his wife are among the most generous givers to Democratic causes around. Marsha Zlatin Laufer served for seven years in the thankless job of chair of Brookhaven, N.Y.’s Democratic Party, turning it around and running unsuccessfully for office under its banner a number of times. Both Laufers are former academics and admirers of Hillary Clinton.

And yet, there is at least some reticence on the part of the Laufers about Trump’s plan to hop into an R.V. on Jan. 20, 2021, and “drive back to New York with our first lady in a trailer.” That’s because the Laufers are Trump’s neighbors—and they really, really don’t want to have to pass him on the escalator.

Mr. Laufer, in his 70s, and his wife, speech pathologist and political activist Dr. Marsha Zlatin Laufer, have owned the four-bedroom aerie, located only a few floors beneath President Donald Trump’s triplex penthouse at the iconic Fifth Avenue building, since 2006, according to public property records. They paid $9.5 million at the time, nearly $3 million less than they’re asking for the lavish condo today.

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