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Eileen Murray has moved on from Bridgewater Associates, to the less-Principled pastures of FINRA and HSBC. Well, almost moved on.

Bridgewater Associates and former co-Chief Executive Officer Eileen Murray are still negotiating an exit package three months after she left the world’s biggest hedge fund -- a fight that has dragged on because Bridgewater’s offer is both less than what has been paid to men who left the firm and below the status of her position, one of Murray’s advisers said…. Her adviser, who asked not to be named because of the sensitivity of the situation, said this was the third time since 2017 that Bridgewater offered her compensation that was lower than male colleagues at comparable levels.

Why, it’s not like Bridgewater to handle delicate matters of sex badly! Still, Murray seems a particularly silly employee to play this particular kind of hardball with, given that she was, you know, co-CEO of the company.

Murray was a highly rated employee and, given her job, would have had knowledge of others’ compensation, the adviser said. Her expectations for the exit package are based on customary terms and objective criteria available to Bridgewater.

But, Bridgewater might counter in a highly passive-aggressive way, Eileen lies….

“The story is loaded with inaccuracies,” Bridgewater said in a statement. “We are not sure where these incorrect allegations came from but they should be attributed to specific sources.”

On the other hand, so does Bridgewater.

Bridgewater Spars With Ex-CEO in Gender Discrimination Dispute [Bloomberg]


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