How Could You Distinguish This From A Real Elon Musk Tweet? - Dealbreaker

Yesterday afternoon, dozens of prominent Americans’ Twitter accounts were hacked. The perpetrators used their newfound power to promise handouts of $1,000 worth of bitcoin, if only you were to first prove, uh, something by sending $1,000 worth of the same to one of several wallets. (By all means, let’s definitely let the guy running Twitter have his own bank.)

Elon Musk’s account was among the very first so struck. Given Musk’s history on the social media platform and unbidden generosity with other currencies, one might have expected many to assume that this was a totally legitimate tweet.


But congratulations, Teslarati: Unlike followers of Apple and Barack Obama, you passed the test.


A Brazen Online Attack Targets V.I.P. Twitter Users in a Bitcoin Scam [NYT]



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