There’s an awful lot not to like about Crispin Odey. Even if you were on his side vis-à-vis Brexit, or don’t mind a man who counts Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg among his besties, there’s more than enough odiousness left to go around. For instance, the combination of shamelessly smarmy triumphalism during the (increasingly rare) good times with shamelessly smarmy abdication of responsibility during the bad ones. The (not unrelated) overweening arrogance. The blithe unconcern for the wellbeing of his fellow Britons, this time combined with an abiding need to ensure that his chickens are suitably housed. And now, allegedly, his inability to keep his sausage to himself.

According to the single charge, Odey has been accused under the Sexual Offences Act 1956 with “indecently assaulting a woman over the age of 16” on July 13, 1999.

The alleged attack happened in Swan Walk, an exclusive street in Chelsea near to the Thames, where Odey owns a home and a series of his businesses are registered…. He has yet to enter a plea to the charge of indecent assault.

Tory-backing hedge fund boss charged over 1999 ‘sex assault’ [Evening Standard]



Indecent Assault Conviction Might Be Best Thing To Ever Happen To Odey Investors

There’s reason to think Crispin’s limited partners might be rooting against him.


Allegedly Sexual Deviant Crispin Odey Definitely A Racist, Ghoul

If we’re throwing around c-words, I can think of one to describe the hedge fund manager.


Crispin Odey Not To Blame For Losing Investors Two-Thirds Of Their Money

If only Janet Yellen, Mark Carney and their banking cronies would let the world economy collapse, Odey investors would really be lording it over their newly-impoverished neighbors.

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Brexit Comes Too Late To Save Ex-Hedge Fund Manager’s Mansion

Sanjay Shah will be staying at a hotel next time he’s in London, assuming there is a next time.

UK Hedge Fund Manager Sets Unreachably High Bar With Resplendent Private Residence For Chicken Friends

Crispin Odey is the founder of Odey Asset Management, a sausage brand ambassador, and a guy who unwittingly made fellow hedge fund manager Philip Falcone's life* a living hell when he pulled this stunt: ...Odey has upped the ante for poultry accommodation – he’s building a temple for his chickens for which the stone alone costs £130,000. The Palladian-style chicken house, designed by Christopher Smallwood Architects, has won planning approval from the Forest of Dean District Council, and will sit on the hillside above Eastbach Court, Odey’s Grade II-listed home. The temple’s roof – adorned with an Anthemia statuette – will be fashioned in grey zinc; the pediments, cornice, architrave and frieze are in English oak; and the columns, pilasters and rusticated stone plinth are being hewn from finest grey Forest of Dean sandstone. Naturally, the doors will be painted in the Odey Asset Management founder’s favourite Hague Blue – “to match the doors around Eastbach Court”, according to the plans...“The temple will be a lovely place when it is finished at the end of the year,” Odey said from a grouse moor. “The chickens will be grand.” Nice for the chickens, but obviously this gesture makes Phil look like a deadbeat by comparison, as he merely allows his pet pig Wilbur to live in his apartment and has never even suggested getting her her own place. You can bet someone will be printing a copy of the article and placing it prominently on top of someone's morning paper, and god help that someone if he doesn't get on the horn about building her the god damn Taj Mahal, ASAP. Crispin Odey’s chickens come home to (a luxury) roost [Telegraph via FT Alphaville] *And the lives of all deep-pocketed animal owners.