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While we’re on the subject of long-in-coming, years-in-the-making exits from the hedge fund industry….

“After considerable reflection and careful thought, Paulson & Co. will convert into a private investment office and return all external investor capital,” the 64-year old manager wrote in a letter seen by Reuters…. He plans to remain active in the markets, the letter said, without disclosing how much money will be returned to clients and whether his firm, headquartered in midtown Manhattan, might cut employees or cut the size of its offices.

Playa Paulson, here he finally comes, having fought this inevitability for as long as he could, which admittedly makes returning that outside capital a good bit easier.

Hedge fund celebrity John Paulson shuts firm to become a family office [Reuters]


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Paulson & Co. To Stay A Mostly Family Office For At Least Two More Years

After that and President Trump’s triumphant reelection, JP’s leaving his clients and the rest of us and hightailing it to Puerto Rico.

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John Paulson Finds Scapegoats For Gold Losses

It was those greedy bastard gold-miner CEOs this whole time! And they’re not gonna get away with it.

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John Paulson Can Lose Money Just Fine On His Own, Thank You Very Much

Guy Levy’s negative-return services are no longer required at Paulson & Co.

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Bonus/Layoffs/Liquidation Watch ’17: Paulson & Co.

A tough 2016 is manifesting itself in all sorts of unpleasant ways at 1251 Sixth Avenue.