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While the rest of us are stuck at home, struggling to get a few winks in between the intermittent fireworks displays, those lucky enough to have a few tens of thousands of extra square feet out by the beach have some more exciting long weekend plans. Alas, those plans almost certainly did not include participation in the French Revolutionary cosplay that’s become increasingly popular these days.

A caravan of 200 protesters — some of them armed with plastic pitchforks — showed up outside the Long Island vacation homes of Michael Bloomberg and other wealthy investors Wednesday to decry the nation's rising income inequality, which has only gotten worse since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic…. To make their point heard, they also planned to head to the homes of Stephen Ross, a billionaire real estate developer; Stephen Schwarzman, the CEO of the Blackstone Group, a massive real estate investment firm; and Daniel Loeb, the billionaire behind the hedge fund Third Point.

Luckily for Louis Bacon, his place on the East End is well fortified by Great Peconic Bay. Should he not be spending his holiday weekend there, however, or at his gigantic Colorado ranch or quiet Bahamian getaway, but at his ancestral plantation in North Carolina, well, he couldn’t escape the current Zeitgeist, either.

The Orton Plantation state historic marker on N.C. 133 was defaced overnight Tuesday…. Roger Moore developed the land into one of the leading rice plantations on the lower Cape Fear, according to the N.C. Office of Archives & History. Orton was one of dozens of rice plantations that dotted the marshy lands in the Lower Cape Fear region, all depending heavily on slave labor….

“The spray paint can is not the way to positively affect change,” said the statement, which was attributed to [Belville Mayor Mike] Allen and on behalf of himself and the town’s commissioners. “Defacing historical markers or other landmarks is a crime.”

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(Kabir Bakie)

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