Ken Griffin Uncharacteristically Agrees To Share Piece Of Property With Other Rich People - Dealbreaker

For a while, it seemed that Ken Griffin’s need to put an enormous amount of space between himself and anyone else who happened to be on America’s most densely-populated island seemed insatiable. Even though he doesn’t live in New York (and has made sure others don’t, either) and has homes as grand or grander in places where bumping into people is less of a problem, he just couldn’t stop: Add a seven-acre seaside getaway a couple of hours from his 24,000-plus square feet in the sky? Gotta do it. Fifty percent more of the most expensive office space in the city in a building that won’t be done until next year at best? Yup, and make it spectacular.

But, possibly because New York is so empty these days anyway, Ken Griffin does not need to own all of it, at least not yet. At the very least, he does not require all 414,000 square feet at 220 Central Park South, where unlike in Florida, he will, in fact, have neighbors.

A sprawling penthouse on the top two floors of 220 Central Park South sold for $99.9 million in July, becoming the year’s most expensive closing in New York City…. The month’s other top sales were also at 220 Central Park South: Two full-floor apartments sold for $55.5 million and nearly $54 million, and they, too, went into contract with anonymous buyers before the coronavirus outbreak.

Duplex Sells for Almost $100 Million at 220 Central Park South [NYT]