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After our wild speculation, erm, piece of hard-hitting investigative journalism about Citadel’s plans to perhaps move to Miami, a sharp-eyed reader called our attention to the fact that—acres upon acres of beachfront property there notwithstanding—Ken Griffin isn’t spending very much time in pestilential Florida at all these days, based on the to-ings and fro-ings of Citadel’s corporate jet. And this put us in mind of a grand old Dealbreaker tradition: planespotting. If KG wasn’t hunkered down in his native Sunshine State eyeing potential future headquarters on Biscayne Boulevard, how was he spending his quarantine?

A quick check of shows plenty of flights to and from Chicago, Teterboro and a variety of airfields on the east end of Long Island, more or less settling the question of where Griffin has chosen to base himself during the pandemic. There are a handful of flights to Colorado and, yes, Florida, as well as one earlier this month to one of the only countries in the world that will have us, Croatia.

And then there are the Wisconsin flights: Waukesha, Kenosha (before last week, for what it’s worth) and Sheboygan.

The first two almost make sense: Griffin spent much of his childhood near Waukesha, and is known to go to great lengths (well, his driver is, anyway) to obtain the milkshakes of his youth. But Sheboygan is a bit far afield for those purposes; indeed, it’s only a little bit closer LeDuc’s Frozen Custard than Chicago itself. What’s bringing Air Citadel to the Malibu of the Midwest? Surely, Griffin doesn’t need to go to Kohler headquarters to pick out bathroom fixtures for the future Griffin Estate, and the Brat Days have been cancelled due to COVID.

It turns out that Steve Cohen’s not the only one running a special academy, and the Palm Beach Four Seasons isn’t the only luxury resort that Citadel has booked solid for plague season.

The company has set up an additional bubble specifically for interns to have an in-person experience for the summer in Kohler, Wisconsin, at the American Club Resort, where a standard room can cost $ 400 a night.

The schedule went as follows: The company’s 235-person internship class began practically on June 15, and the 135 people who attended the bubbles in person isolated themselves in corporate housing in Chicago and in New York City for two weeks before the company ships them to their respective bubbles on July 19. In Florida, the only interns present worked for Citadel Securities, while the approximately 100 interns who traveled to Wisconsin worked in the various activities of the company….

The company landed on the Wisconsin site because of its proximity to Chicago – it’s just over two hours drive from Citadel headquarters – as well as the rural surroundings, as the town of Kohler has just over 2000 people. Citadel has naturally invested a lot of resources in upgrading the station’s technological infrastructure, as well as creating a workspace for 150 people in the main ballroom….

Remote summer internship inside Citadel at a luxury resort in Wisconsin [BI via FR24 News]



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