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For a number of years now, we here at Dealbreaker have chronicled the apparent disparity between Bridgewater Associates’ professed fealty to its founder’s Principles that one should be extremely open, possessed of the highest degrees of integrity, intolerant of dishonesty and radically transparent, with its own failures to quite live up to that exalted and admirable standard. You might even, if feeling uncharitable, call it “hypocrisy,” and, well, wouldn’t you know it but someone just did.

Former Bridgewater Associates’ co-chief executive officer Eileen Murray has filed an updated version of her complaint against the hedge fund firm, with fresh allegations of "brazen hypocrisy" at the $140 billion asset manager.

Yup, all it took for this former dogged disciple of the Principled life and its eschewing of “traditional definitions” of English words with very clear definitions to realize that perhaps all was not well at a firm in which she was co-CEO that handled sexual harassment cases like this was for it to threaten to take between $20 million and $100 million away from her. Still, better late than never, we guess.

In an updated version of that earlier complaint, Murray accused Bridgewater of “publicly avowing transparency when it suits its interest, but seeking to harshly punish those who publicly report facts, which Bridgewater perceives to be damaging to its image….”

Murray’s updated complaint also includes new claims against the firm. It alleges that Bridgewater defamed Murray by “making the false public statement that there is ‘no merit’” to Murray’s public disclosure of her dispute with Bridgewater.

Murray also alleges in the suit that Bridgewater is “improperly and falsely” using her photo on its website, claiming that Bridgewater is holding her out “as a public endorsement of the fair and inclusive treatment that employees receive at Bridgewater….”

“The hypocrisy is astonishing,” the amended complaint said. A spokesperson for Murray declined to comment.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Oh, no, wait, we have, over and over again.

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