As one of President Trump’s chief hydrological engineers, Mick Mulvaney did a great deal of swamp-draining before his unceremonious departure from the White House inner circle: pushing through a tax plan essentially written by the private equity and hedge fund industries; cravenly abandoning a lifetime of deficit hawkdom in service of the Dear Leader; telling bankers to pay up and get lobbying; and, last but not at all least, gutting the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for the benefit of those screwing over consumers and payday lenders and the like (albeit not as quickly as the latter had hoped).

A happy side effect of all of that swamp draining is that Mulvaney himself has become rather acclimated to the fetid ethical climate, and having also drained himself of shame in the process (if in fact he ever had any), is now slithering comfortably into bog and mire, without even the tasteful waiting period of his equally clammy former colleagues or, you know, formally leaving government service.

Mick Mulvaney, President Donald Trump’s special envoy to Northern Ireland, has a new side gig: He’s starting a hedge fund…. The angle? Buying stock in banks and other financial firms based on his knowledge of financial regulation….

“Politics is going to be a very turbulent thing for the near future, and I think it creates opportunities for those who understand how Washington works to provide an advantage over everybody else,” he said on the podcast…. It’s not clear how Mulvaney will divide his time between the hedge fund and promoting peace in Northern Ireland.

Mick Mulvaney’s new side gig: A hedge fund betting on D.C. [Politico]