When you’re a 61-year-old hedge fund manager facing serious criminal allegations that could send you to prison for a decade, it’s probably a good idea to make some plans for your potential absence. If you are Crispin Odey, who is facing two-decade-old charges of indecent assault, that means making sure your chickens are well-cared for whatever may come. Oh, and also your investors. Them, too.

Odey Asset Management, the Mayfair-based firm he set up in 1991, is understood to have prepared an emergency scheme to deal with the 61-year-old’s absence. It would involve shutting the flagship European fund he manages and returning the money to investors. It would also mean Odey’s “retail” funds, which are open to normal savers and include Odey Opus and Odey Swan, are handed over to colleagues James Hanbury and Oliver Kelton.

Given the respective recent performances of Odey on one side and Hanbury and Kelton on the other, that’s probably best for all involved. Except Odey, of course, but fuck him.

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