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Denise George, the attorney general of the U.S. Virgin Islands, is leaving no stone unturned in her quest for justice for all of the children in whose sex Jeffrey Epstein trafficked on his private not-so-virgin island in the U.S. territory. And every stone she turns seems to have a prominent hedge or private equity fund or their leaders under it. And so out go subpoenas to Leon Black and Apollo Global Management. And, of course, out go subpoenas to Highbridge Capital Management, whose sale to JPMorgan Chase was for some reason arranged in at least part by Epstein, when he wasn’t busy having sex with and/or pimping out children. And also to Eva Andersson-Dubin, an Epstein ex-girlfriend and wife of Highbridge founder Glenn Dubin.

But Glenn Dubin himself? Looks like he needn’t have gone to the trouble of shutting down his hedge fund to avoid having to talk about his relationship with Epstein, which allegedly went beyond introducing him to Jes Staley to include relations with members of Epstein’s harem both over and under the age of consent, because George is actually looking for information from someone else entirely.

In the notices, filed Sept. 3 and made public on the court’s website Tuesday, the Dubins will have 30 days, once they’ve been served with the subpoenas, to hand over any documents they may have from 1998 until the present that detail their financial transactions with Epstein and their travel to Epstein’s properties in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Glenn Dubin’s name is spelled “Glen” in the documents…. The subpoenas are also asking for all documents and communications between the Dubins and “any female associated with Jeffrey Epstein.”

We don’t know who this Glen Dubin is, but we’re sure that Glenn Dubin is glad he’s not him.

Virgin Islands Intends to Subpoena Dubin in Epstein Lawsuit [Bloomberg]


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Report: Jeff Epstein Did A Little More For Glenn Dubin Than Find A Buyer For His Hedge Fund

Certainly enough (allegedly) to earn some breast meat on T-Day, if you catch my drift.

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Jeffrey Epstein Still Using Sex-Crime Trust Fund From Beyond The Grave

Well, his executors, anyway. For their own benefit. Allegedly.


Glenn Dubin Will Not Have To Field Jeffrey Epstein-Related Question From Investors Anymore

Not that his retirement has anything to do with the dead pedophile, of course.

By US Department of Labor (_MG_0922) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Inept Labor Secretary Resigns For Being Inept Federal Prosecutor

Alex Acosta is gonna go find something else to do badly now.