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It can be hard to take cryptocurrencies seriously, given the sorts of people who promote them and the sorts who buy them. But it is hard to argue that they have a magnetic appeal for unserious people, and some seriously unserious people are currently in charge of the U.S. government. What’s more, these people believe that bitcoin or some such will serve as the financial backbone of the eventual SJW rebellion seeking to overthrow that very unserious government. Last year, this serious unseriousness led to some unpleasant letters from the IRS. This year, Steve Mnuchin is taking the president’s orders very seriously indeed.

2020 1040

That’s right: Whether or not you’ve had anything to do with anything crypto is now literally the third question every single person in the country has to answer on their tax return. It’s so important that the powers that be have put themselves even further away from their dreamed-of postcard-sized tax return to ask it. And, incredibly, it isn’t only just unserious governments taking it seriously.

The European Commission on Thursday put forward plans to regulate crypto-assets in what will be its first ever attempt to oversee the nascent technology…. The new plan will mean that crypto-asset companies authorized by one of the 27 EU countries will be able to provide its services across all the other member states.

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Sheriff of Boston-ham Wants To String Up Robinhood

This time, though, it’s for taking money from the poor.

By Mike Cauldwell ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Largest Crypto Exchange Banned From Britain, Hottest Digital Token Tanks, Bitcoin Soars, Rinse, Repeat

For something so volatile and theoretically interesting, the not-particularly-trying trials of faux currencies are actually quite boring.

By Mike Cauldwell ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Did You Know Cryptocurrencies Were All About Helping The Unbanked?

In fairness, the executives saying so probably didn’t know it until they needed to come up with a catchy thing to say at a Congressional hearing.

By Mike Cauldwell ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Miami Bitcoin Faithful Feeling Better Than Miami Crypto Investors

No news is good news and oh look here’s Mark Zuckerberg again to ruin everything.