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As is his wont, Jeff Gundlach has been doing some deep thinking. And as is also his wont, when these cogitation sessions produce a cutting rhetorical question, he shares it with his fellow lovers of truth.

Indeed, who wouldn’t want to be associated with that trio? Plus, California’s ability to continue producing the sorts of wines that Gundlach can be duped into buying fakes of is rather in doubt at the moment, along with its long-term future as a place habitable by humans, although these concerns and the unbreathable air obviously take a back seat to the bottom line.

Anyway, Gundlach then invited “realtors in low tax, well governed states” to give him a call. We sort of doubt there are any, but if you disagree, be sure to take Gundlach’s appetites and security needs into account, as well as the likelihood that your local highway patrol can make up some of the tax differential, before wasting his time like this person.

Perhaps because of inquiries like that (who could have guessed realtors have an endless capacity for self-delusion and/or cynicism and/or both?), Gundlach dumped the intervening tweet to realtors in favor of some Marlboro Man cosplay. But if you’re willing to endure a withering dismissal from the Bond King in exchange for the possibility of a great score and possibly some eye-opening good times, be sure to reach out. Doubly so if you are Bill Ackman. And if you work for DoubleLine and aren't interested in the charms of greater Phoenix, maybe start considering your options.

Jeffrey Gundlach Tells Realtors in Low Tax States to ‘Give Me a Call’ [Bloomberg]



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