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Back in October, the creators of Showtime’s “Billions” dodged a bullet: A federal judge watched their terrible show, and found no similarity between its character Wendy Rhoades and the real-life Denise Shull beyond their gender and jobs, neither of which are, apparently, copyrightable. But then, according to Shull, Andrew Ross Sorkin & co. got cocky and started having Maggie Siff, who plays the allegedly-not-fictitious-enough hedge fund performance coach and dominatrix, dress suspiciously like Shull, just to stick it to her, as Shull saw it.

Now it was Shull’s turn to get cocky. After all, she’d filed an amended complaint against the Billionsaires, and was delighted to see them “playing chicken with the court.”

Well, U.S. District Judge George Daniels is either no fashionista or the contents of one’s closet are no more open to copyright than one’s job description, because he remains distinctly unimpressed, and Shull remains distinctly uncompensated for all of those questions about whether she, too, employs a riding crop.

"Plaintiffs do not offer any specific information that this Court apparently overlooked that would cause this Court to reach an alternative conclusion," he writes in the order, which is posted below. "Instead, Plaintiffs simply reassert the same or similar arguments they previously made, and this Court previously rejected, despite the Court's thorough review at the motion to dismiss phase."

‘Billions’ Battle Won’t Be Reconsidered by Judge [The Hollywood Reporter]



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