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Paul Singer isn’t a stranger to the media business. He’s a backer of the Washington Free Beacon, the online right-wing rag best known for birthing the Steele dossier against President Trump. He also once dabbled in radio, although not exactly in a way that was likely to make him a mogul. Now, however, some are wondering whether he’s planning to go the full Mercer.

Matt Drudge is the latest media mogul rumored to be looking for a cash infusion in the form of a partial sale of his popular news website Drudge Report…. Paul Singer, the billionaire hedge fund founder and Republican donor whose name has surfaced as a potential buyer of a stake in Drudge’s popular news website, adamantly denied any involvement.

“There is nothing to this rumor,” a spokesman for Singer, founder of $41 billion hedge fund Elliott Management, told Media Ink. “We have not heard anything about Drudge looking for investors, and we are not involved in any way.”

Of course, Singer was also once known to say “never Trump,” so, you know, something less than “never Drudge” rings even more hollow than “never Drudge” would.

Matt Drudge rumored to be seeking investors for Drudge Report [N.Y. Post]



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