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Divorces, especially those involving fabulously wealthy hedge fund managers, tend to be somewhat contentious affairs under even the very best of circumstances. Well, Alex Kuczynski’s circumstances are not the best at the moment. She got COVID and her father—the former president of Peru—is himself sick and under house arrest back home facing corruption charges. Oh, and her husband, Charles Stevenson, had her served with divorce papers at an airport six days before Christmas, shortly before shacking up with a family friend.

And that 18-year marriage itself hasn’t exactly been two decades of joy. The marriage vows allegedly included requirements for sex four times a week and a five-pound weight-gain limit. Stevenson’s six children from his three other marriages apparently loathe her and steered clear of daddy because of it. And he imposed what Kuczynski’s lawyers call a “horrendous” prenup, one which they of course plan on challenging in court despite their clients’ professed hope for a “smooth split.”

And yet, in spite of all of the above, Stevenson apparently hoped for an amicable reunion in Suffolk County Supreme Court last week, or at least a co-conspiratorial blind eye from his estranged wife about the fact that he’d just flown into town from COVID-infested Idaho, where he’s riding out the pandemic with his new paramour, without observing that pesky 14-day quarantine.

When both parties arrived for a hearing, the wealthy hedge funder allegedly lied to court officers and told them he’d been quarantining for two weeks in New York. But Kuczynski outed him to the officers, who confronted him. Stevenson admitted his falsehood and was escorted out of the building, said Steven Silpe, a lawyer for Kuczynski.

New York Times writer blindsided by divorce from hedge fund hubby [N.Y. Post]



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