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Chief compliance officers aren’t always the most popular people around the water cooler, heading as they do the Department of No. As in: “No, you cannot withhold those documents sought by the Securities and Exchange Commission,” and “No! You certainly cannot backdate or otherwise adulterate those records before giving them to the SEC! I can’t even believe I have to tell anyone that!”

But what if you were the fun kind of CCO who not only turned a blind eye towards such things or gave a knowing wink or affirmatively told people, “Sure, go ahead, what do I care?” but allegedly even did them yourself? Well, sure, Acacia Research’s Meredith Simmons has to pay the SEC for allegedly doing those things, but it certainly seems to have been more than made up for in the esteem of her colleagues and superiors.

Meredith Simmons was appointed as General Counsel, effective immediately.

Acacia Research general counsel settles with SEC over hedge fund records probe [Reuters]


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