If there’s something strange in your [Midtown/Greenwich/Mayfair] neighborhood, who you gonna call? Brian Moynihan!

BofA Securities leads the 2020 All-America Research Team: Hedge Fund Cut, II’s annual ranking of hedge funds’ favorite research providers.

If there’s something weird [a new and highly contagious virus killing hundreds of thousands of people around the world], who you gonna call? Bank of America!

As the coronavirus spread through the United States, shutting down businesses and upending earnings expectations, hedge fund clients inundated analysts at BofA Securities, according to the bank’s head of Americas equity research, Brett Hodess.

If you’re seeing stocks running in the red, who you gonna call? Brian Moynihan!

Of course, there’s also that other main product: research. Hodess has observed hedge funds taking a “barbell approach” to research, consuming both very specialized, company-specific reports as well as big-picture thematic and macro analysis.

An unexpected name [Joe Biden], checked off on your ballot, who you gonna call? Bank of America!

BofA’s analysts met this spike in demand by producing more research and more analysis, publishing 10 to 15 percent more content than last year, according to Hodess.

If you’re all alone, pick up the phone and call….

“Typically the mix of calls is probably 60 percent outgoing, 40 percent incoming,” Hodess estimated. “It flipped this year to be more like 60 percent incoming and 40 percent outgoing — and not because outgoing calls dropped.”

I ain’t afraid of no diagnos(is). I ain’t afraid of no votes.

The World Shut Down. This Is Who Hedge Funds Called. [II]


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