Only Half Of The Most Recent Top-Ranking Women At Bridgewater Still Have An Issue With Their Pay - Dealbreaker

Bridgewater Associates prides itself on open, honest (and usually videotaped) discussion, in which those with a right to an opinion can freely express themselves to one another, and then endure savage criticism of what they’ve said. It doesn’t always live up to that high standard, but now, thanks to it—and also probably some combination of the strength of the firm’s case and its interest in avoiding further bad publicity and additional bad blood at one of its regulators—Ray Dalio & co. have one fewer gender-based pay-discrimination claim looming over them.

Ms. Murray on Monday said in a statement, “After thoughtful discussions with Bridgewater, we have arrived at an amicable and fair agreement regarding my departure from the company….”

Bridgewater said, “We are pleased that we were able to amicably and fairly resolve the discussions around Eileen’s post-employment benefits. We have a tremendous amount of respect for Eileen and the many contributions she made to Bridgewater.”

Terms, of course, were not disclosed, but you’d undoubtedly expect that slight deviation from the professed commitment to radical transparency, given that Murray’s not-particularly-radical transparency in telling her new employer of the tiff with her old one was the genesis of the dispute in the first place. Still, all is well once again in the magical forests of Westport. Well, not all, exactly, but, you know, baby steps.

Former Bridgewater Co-CEO Eileen Murray Settles Pay Dispute With Hedge Fund [WSJ]