A few years ago, crowd-sourced quantitative trading looked like the future of finance. Even Steve Cohen thought so, or at least was willing to take a quarter-billion dollar flyer on the possibility in the form of an open-source algorithm-sharing platform called Quantopian. Alas, it never really took off, and shortly thereafter, the real future of finance appeared. And so as Steve Cohen moves on, so too have the Quantopians, joining the uh, maybe not entirely unstoppable force of Robinhood.

The Quantopian team is joining Robinhood to continue to pursue our passion for opening access to markets and democratizing the financial system…. While the Quantopian community and related services will be retired on November 14th, our passion and dedication to demystifying investing and finance will live on as we bring everything we learned and built to our new roles at Robinhood.

Tempora mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis. Ad infinitum.



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