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Former hedge fund manager Richard Perry likes the finer things in life, and so the collapse of Barneys under his watch was painful—and apparently not just emotionally. While still listed as a billionaire, Perry may be so hard up for money that he’ll shortly be crashing on his uncle’s fragrant couch, wishing that he had his former CIO’s real-estate problem.

Richard Perry… has listed his Manhattan penthouse for $45 million./The apartment at 1 Sutton Place South features five bedrooms, six and a half bathrooms and a wraparound terrace spanning 6,000 square feet….

The Perrys, who recently sold a property in Palm Beach, could not be reached for comment.

And just as well, because who’d want to answer questions about the decoration of this place?

Former Barneys chair lists Manhattan penthouse for $45M [The Real Deal]



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