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Anyone who was worried about the economic team being put together for the president-elect by Gary Gensler and Ted Kaufman, uh, needn’t have been.

President-elect Joe Biden plans to nominate former Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen, an economist at the forefront of policy-making for three decades, to become the next Treasury secretary…. In one speech last year to a housing trade group, she warned higher taxes might not be enough to put programs such as Social Security and Medicare on solid footing, warning of painful trade-offs. “This is root canal economics,” she said.

The Cabinet of Fox Business’ phantasmagorical nightmares this ain’t, but Fox can certainly still try to gin up some fear and loathing.

Progressives aligned with Warren have told FOX Business they'd consider it a victory if Yellen were appointed.

Janet Yellen Is Biden’s Pick for Treasury Secretary [WSJ]
If Janet Yellen becomes Treasury Secretary, she would make history again [Fox Business]


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Janet Yellen To Finally Get Name On Rapidly Depreciating Currency

Nothing like runaway inflation to take the joy out of seeing your signature on the greenback.

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Janet Yellen Injects A Little FUD Into Cryptos

Doesn’t sound like the incoming TreasSec is any more into bitcoin than her predecessor.

Courtesy Federal Reserve.

Mohamed El-Erian Will Miss Janet Yellen When She’s Gone

The Bill Gross bête-noir thought J-Yells showed just the kind of balance and measure that Donald Trump’s not looking for in a Fed chair.


The Thing Keeping Janet Yellen Going

Sometimes J-Yells just closes her eyes and dreams of a hot-ass economy.

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Joe Biden Getting Gary Gensler A New Friend

And she doesn’t like cryptos any better than him.

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Joe Biden, Xi Jinping Have Something In Common

Neither is getting the tax hikes they want.