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Elon Musk says a lot of things. It’s all part of his, uh, charm, we guess. And, true to form, he said a lot of things at The Wall Street Journal CEO Council yesterday: The Silicon Valley scene is dead, California is too mean to the richest people on the planet, pining for an Ayn Randian regulatory hellscape, I’m moving to Texas, blah, blah, blah. Really, Elon says so many things on so many subjects for so many different reasons that it all starts to both blend together and also become a sort of ambient white noise from which it’s hard to pick out anything distinctive or of consequence or even tell whether it’s him talking, which is appropriate, because nothing he or his companies say or do seems to have any bearing on the apparently unstoppably upward trajectory of the share prices, so what’s the point of paying much attention.

Still, through the miasma of grievance and trolling emanating from Musk’s mouth, something interesting did manage to cut through.

“When was the last time there was some good candy?” Mr. Musk asked during the interview. “What’s the forcing function for a new candy bar? I haven’t seen one in ages….”

Mr. Musk said consolidation among big food makers has led to most candy being made by just a few companies, some of which also make loads of other foods and products such as pet food and baby food. He didn’t name any specific companies.

“We’ve got to watch this consolidation that ends up resulting in lower responsiveness to the customer,” he said.

Pretty rich for a guy simultaneous making electric vehicles (albeit too few of them), rocket ships, flamethrowers, exploding solar panels, subways for cars, useless submarines and cyborg parts. And, of course, leading to the inevitable conclusion for a man with at least as much self-regard as Reggie Jackson and thin enough skin to demand satisfaction for the gentle ribbing offered in response by Mars Wrigley’s CMO who has recently entered the foods business, anyway: TeslaCandy, Musk Mints, a whole range of innovations designed to cure the munchies in response to what Musk (and Musk alone) apparently believes is a yawning lack of response to a demand for new sugary snacks to throw at people who believe there is a yawning lack of response to a demand for new sugary snacks.

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