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Bill Gross spent five decades plumbing the depths of the bond markets and human behavior, so it’s probably a bit much to expect less than two years of retirement to have tamed his more ingrained impulses much. And indeed they haven’t, at least if you are a member of his immediate family. Still, you’d think that 18 or 27 or 54 holes a day and unlimited shower time and the first flush of new love might inspire the sort of happiness that allows for a modicum of sangfroid and perspective to develop, or at least for Gross’ worst compulsions for dealing with real-estate unhappiness.


Towfiq [claims] Gross blasted music, including the theme to Gilligan’s Island, at all hours of the day to get him to drop a complaint about a glass sculpture in his yard.

In fairness to the Triple Crown of, uh, Laguna Beach, this particular dispute has a nice plot twist, in that Gross can conceivably claim to be the victim rather than the perpetrator of the harassment here.

Gross claims Towfiq had been stalking him…. In a court filing on Gross’s behalf, [seller Patrick] Boyd said he was alarmed that Towfiq had security cameras pointed at his backyard, which allowed him to spot Gross as he toured the property.

“It was also a bit unsettling to learn Mr. Towfiq was keeping track of my guests in the backyard,” Boyd said in the filing.

And in equal fairness to Towfiq, Gross’ eccentricities were, uh, tolerably well-enough advertised—including by his soon-to-be-former neighbor himself—to elicit a reasonable level of concern.

“I’d seen the news of how he’d treated his family, his employees,” Towfiq said, referring to tabloid reports of Gross’s divorce that included claims from his ex-wife Sue that he left their multimillion-dollar home a smelly mess with dead fish placed in the air vents after more than three decades of marriage…. “I had told [Boyd] that he had left a bunch of pipes in the side yard and he said, ‘I don’t want an angry billionaire with a short fuse to be upset with me,’ or something like that,” Towfiq said….

Towfiq also said he was a Pimco client from 2008 to 2012, and friends with a money manager there./“He told me all sorts of stories about Mr. Bill, Mr. Gross,” Towfiq said. “He said something to me like ‘my condolences,’ so he was concerned for me.”

As for the video cameras, Towfiq says there’s a perfectly innocent explanation, as well.

Towfiq insisted he wasn’t obsessed with Gross and his girlfriend Amy Schwartz. He said he began taping Gross’s property after police suggested he document the loud music.

The trial, as they say, gloriously, wonderfully and excitingly continues. Not that there was any danger of it for a 76-year-old who’s known (almost) nothing but success, but please, Bill, never change.

Gross Called ‘Angry Billionaire’ With Short Fuse at Trial [Bloomberg]


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