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'Dozens of email accounts' were hacked at U.S. Treasury -Senator Wyden [Reuters]
Microsoft notified the agency that dozens of email accounts had been compromised and that the hackers also penetrated the systems at Treasury’s Departmental Offices division, which is home to its top officials…. [Sen. Ron] Wyden’s statement carried a considerably more pessimistic tone than the one taken by Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, who told CNBC earlier in the day that “the good news is there has been no damage, nor have we seen any large amounts of information displaced.”

Biden adds former Obama budget official, onetime Warren aide to economic team [Politico]
David Kamin, who worked as a senior budget official under President Barack Obama, will be deputy NEC director, and Bharat Ramamurti, a former aide to Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), will be deputy NEC director for financial reform and consumer protection…. Ramamurti is managing director of the corporate power program at the progressive Roosevelt Institute, which focuses on shifting power away from large companies, and he will be joined at the White House by a former CEO of the think tank, Joelle Gamble, who has been named special assistant to the president for economic policy.

There’s a Way Biden Can Raise More From the Rich Without Higher Taxes [NYT]
Tax experts have long identified a large “tax gap” between the amount Americans owe and what is actually collected. This is disproportionately a result of underpayment of taxes by high earners, especially in certain types of closely held partnerships and midsize businesses that face little scrutiny from either the Internal Revenue Service or outside investors….
Charles O. Rossotti, a former I.R.S. commissioner; Natasha Sarin, a University of Pennsylvania professor; and Lawrence H. Summers, a former Treasury secretary, have projected that an additional $100 billion in enforcement spending, combined with adjustments to the agency’s tactics and strategy, would generate $1.2 trillion to $1.4 trillion more in taxes collected, primarily from high-income individuals.

Kelly Loeffler, a Wall Street Senator With a Hardscrabble Pitch [NYT]
While she is described by friends and foes alike as deeply driven, there is little evidence of a hardscrabble upbringing. She came from a prosperous farming family in central Illinois, and in her early 20s was given large tracts of some of the richest agricultural land in America. By 24, she had bought herself a duplex condo on Chicago’s Gold Coast.
Even as she casts herself as an advocate for “hard-working Georgians,” her political roots run to Wall Street, where her husband and chief financial backer, Jeffrey Sprecher, is the chairman of the New York Stock Exchange, and her second-largest donor, Kenneth Griffin, is a hedge fund titan.

New blank-check firms arm up for Asian unicorn hunt [Reuters]
“These days, not a single conversation goes by in Asia when SPACs are not discussed. Southeast Asia is a focus market given the number of high-growth tech-enabled companies,” said Sarab Bhutani, head of Southeast Asia investment banking at Nomura.
Many SPACs are holding talks with Southeast Asia’s tech, healthcare and fintech start-ups, bankers and lawyers familiar with the matter said.

Goldman Unit Makes New Push Into Real Estate With Stake in Sale-Leaseback Firm [WSJ]
Petershill, in November purchased a minority stake in Oak Street Real Estate Capital LLC, which has raised over $4 billion since launching in 2009. Oak Street’s funds have purchased hundreds of stores, warehouses and office buildings sold and leased back by companies such as Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc. and Big Lots Inc…. Since Petershill was founded in 2007, it has invested over $8 billion for stakes in more than 32 investment managers. Other real-estate firms in Petershill’s portfolio include Westbrook Partners and Slate Asset Management.

Derivatives Regulator Uses Dodd-Frank Rule to Target Foreign Bribery [WSJ]
A $95 million settlement with Swiss energy firm Vitol for alleged misconduct stemming from bribes paid to state-controlled oil companies in Brazil, Ecuador and Mexico…. lays the legal foundation for future foreign corruption cases by the CFTC, lawyers say. While the agency doesn’t have statutory authority to enforce antibribery laws directly, the case introduces a theory for how such conduct can lead to the manipulation and defrauding of U.S. derivatives markets.

Christie Smythe, 24 Hours Later [Elle]
It’s a little depressing and saddening because I don't like being called “the victim,” “mentally ill”: neither of those things are accurate. I respect and understand if people criticize my decisions. That's fair. I put it out there. It's fair game. But I made these choices very consciously….
Do you expect to hear from [Martin Shkreli]?
I don't know. I could not possibly guess what he will do.


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