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The outgoing president of the United States may well be in need of a new bank upon departing the White House. But he’s definitely going to need a new banker.

“I’ve chosen to resign my position with the bank effective Dec. 31 and am looking forward to my retirement,” [Rosemary] Vrablic, 60, said in a statement on Tuesday…. Dominic Scalzi, a longtime colleague of Ms. Vrablic’s who played a role in that transaction, will also leave the bank.

That transaction was the retrospectively awkward deal in which Vrablic, Scalzi and another Deutsche Banker bought a Park Avenue apartment from a company part-owned by the president’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who also happens to be a Vrablic client, about which Vrablic & co. saw no reason to notify compliance.

Whatever the circumstances there were, we’d like to wish a happy retirement to Ms. Vrablic, filled with many enjoyable hours explaining everything she did for the president and his family over the past decade to a Manhattan grand jury.

Trump’s Longtime Banker at Deutsche Bank Resigns [NYT]


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