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The Fox School of Business and Management did not make the only MBA ranking that ever mattered. The shock of exclusion led to some soul-searching, however brief, on the part of some B-schools. But Temple’s knew it was lacking in the reputation department even before that, which is why it resorted to lying to one particularly disreputable league table in an effort to attract students to its online MBA program, which as a consequence of the aforementioned lying managed a number-one ranking.

Still, the current head of the U.S. Department of Education isn’t inclined to look unkindly on schools doing their best to bilk unsuspecting students. And while Betty DeVos can’t be sure who Joe Biden will pick to replace her, she’s pretty sure that person won’t be as understanding of things as she. So before she fucks off back to Holland for good, she’s going to make sure nothing worse than having to cough up the price of a dozen online MBAs happens to Temple.

Temple University will pay $700,000 to the U.S. Department of Education to settle claims over its business school’s misreporting of data to U.S. News and World Report that falsely boosted its rankings…. Under the terms of the settlement, the university does not admit wrongdoing or liability…. When allegations of false data arose, Temple commissioned a study by an outside law firm that found the misreporting of data was done knowingly in some cases, and involved more than the online MBA program.

Temple to pay $700K to settle U.S. Dept. of Education claims over business school rankings scandal [Philadelphia Inquirer]


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