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If you ever thought that the amazing saga of two extremely rich but otherwise incalculably different men hating each other with the fire of 1,000 lawsuits was unquestionably cinematic, that there was enough pettiness and prettiness and menace and mayhem, replete with genuine darkness leading to a spectacular denouement, in the tale of Louis Bacon vs. Peter Nygard to fill the silver screen, well, you’re not alone.

Justin Lader, who penned the scripts for “The Discovery” and “The One I Love,” will write the screenplay for the feature film.

We can’t agree more. After all, there’s more than enough intrigue and litigation and attempted murder and alleged sex trafficking and official corruption and celebrity cameos and naked dead men in Jacuzzis in these very virtual pages to fill that script! Unfortunately, Lader and his backers have chosen to go a different route for source material.

In a highly competitive situation, Matthew George’s Savvy Media Holdings has acquired the rights to two books on the battling one-percenters. The company has purchased the underlying material of Dick Russell’s forthcoming book “Bacon Vs. Nygard: Sex-Trafficking, Political Corruption, Murder-for-Hire, and the Takedown,” as well as Melissa Cronin’s “Predator King: Peter Nygard’s Dark Life of Rape, Drugs, and Blackmail….”

“Dick’s exclusive access to the heart of this story outlined in his upcoming book is astonishing in its detail,” George said in a statement. “Justin’s pitch to Courtney and me on his vision for the script blew us away. This story has it all, but at its heart is a story between good versus evil, and as a film, can truly be one that defines an era.”

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By Toglenn (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

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