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Dan Loeb, as we’ve noted, is a California boy, through and through. Growing up in Santa Monica, when Loeb wasn’t at the mall or shredding some half-pipe, you’d find him in the warm bosom of the Pacific, sitting on a surf board, waiting for the next big wave. (Or, you know, dorking out over the stock market so much your teachers gave you a lame nickname for it.)

His boyhood beaches are, alas, far from New York, and the Hamptons in winter are a cold and grey place. His 200-foot yacht isn’t always available, either, as it’s often been rented out by those hell-bent on killing every last coral reef in the Caribbean. Plus, people like him are now required to own at least one place in South Florida, and he can certainly afford it.

6440 NBR LLC sold the six-bedroom, 13,386-square-foot home at 6440 North Bay Road to a Delaware entity named after the address. Sources confirmed the buyer is Loeb, founder and CEO of Third Point, a New York-based hedge fund…. The mansion features a gym, wine cellar, home theater, elevator, rooftop deck, separate entrance for the guest quarters, and a pool and dock, according to the listing. It had been on and off the market since 2015, most recently asking $23.5 million in September. The property has 100 feet of water frontage.

Billionaire hedge funder Dan Loeb buys waterfront Miami Beach estate: sources [TheRealDeal]


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