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There are lots of reasons for business leaders to regret Wednesday’s events on Capitol Hill, what with it being, you know, an assault on the stability of the Republic and the very idea of democracy and the constitutional system underpinning American capitalism. For some, it showed how badly Donald Trump played them for the disingenuous fools they are. For this guy, anyway, there’s much to regret in having actually participated in the failed Putsch.

We’re sure Goldman Sachs isn’t thrilled about the whole government-overthrow thing or the complicity of its own people thing, but it’s really, really unhappy about the timing of the whole thing and thousands of pieces of embarrassing swag about to flood EBay and the new thing it has in common with Deutsche Bank: unfortunate promotional pieces.

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. quickly rebranded an event it is sponsoring next week for small-business owners to meet with lawmakers after an actual storming of the Hill by a pro-Trump mob. The Jan. 13 event is now called Virtual Capitol Hill Day and Goldman has asked participants, who are graduates of the bank’s entrepreneur-training program called 10,000 Small Businesses, not to wear the “Storm the Hill” T-shirts that had been mailed out.

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