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Except to fellow members of the European Union, Germany does not extradite its citizens to face justice outside the borders of the Fatherland. International Man of Mystery and accused hedge fund fraudster Florian Homm knows this all too well, for after having narrowly avoided extradition from Italy—where he’d been arrested at the Uffizi—to the U.S., where he’s been indicted for ripping clients off to the tune of $200 million (and where others are facing the music for him), on a technicality, he quickly returned to the safe embrace of the Reich.

Well, the country in between Italy and Germany isn’t in the EU, either. And, wouldn’t you know, it’s also indicted Homm on fraud and other charges related to all of the alleged cross-trading and market manipulation underlying the American charges. And, it says here, Homm’s trial there was to begin today.

Unfortunately, alas, Homm couldn’t make it. And it definitely has nothing to do with Switzerland’s extradition treaty with the U.S., or the fact that the Swiss can’t do anything about it.

A German hedge-fund manager who fended off U.S. extradition over an alleged $200-million fraud failed to show up on the first day of his trial in Switzerland on similar charges, citing the risks of the coronavirus…. Homm has a doctor’s certificate confirming his medical vulnerability, [lawyer Marc] Engler said.

A court spokesman said the hearings will continue Wednesday. If Homm isn’t then in attendance, the court will decide whether the trial should proceed in his absence, he said…. The 2019 Swiss indictment… lists him as a current resident of Germany.

New Adventures for Hedge Fund Rogue in $200 Million Swiss Fraud Trial [Bloomberg]


By Federal Bureau of Prisons ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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