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We know what you’re thinking: With Steve Mnuchin about to leave the public stage after four very entertaining years to begin the launching SPACs portion of his career, what will we ever do without Louise Linton? What will we ever do without her propensity to step in it, figuratively and literally? Without some occasional shade thrown in her husband’s direction? Without cause to imagine the tragedy that is her sex life?

Well, you’ve nothing to worry about: Louise Linton knows what you’re thinking, too, and so she’s bought all of us (truly, since it was paid for by her “friends and family”) a wonderful parting gift: 98 minutes of uncut Linton. That’s right: While her husband was arguably saving the American economy and yelling at Kelly Loeffler’s underlings, Linton was keeping busy, too.

This is “Me You Madness,” a comedic thriller that was also written, directed and produced by Ms. Linton…. Catherine describes herself as “a materialistic, narcissistic, self-absorbed, raging misanthrope” who “may or may not have an undiagnosed personality disorder” and is “addicted to a variety of things — mainly cocaine, champagne, excessive exercise, expensive shoes and indescribable violence….” She loathes commercial air travel and loves high fashion…. Catherine is refined yet comically crude….

“Me You Madness” could easily be interpreted as Ms. Linton’s response — a sort of cinematic middle finger to the haters. For most of the film, she plays a hyperbolic version of her public image; Catherine is a couture-obsessed, nouveau riche, man-eating nightmare…. Ms. Linton, however, insisted that “Me You Madness” was in no way a clapback. “It’s not that at all,” she said.

Really? Not just a little?


Well, OK, we’ll take your word for it, Louise. So, uh, why did you make it?

“I definitely felt censored, and I didn’t know what I was allowed to be,” Ms. Linton said. “You can’t wear this. You can’t do that. You start to feel a little nervous to do anything. I spent plenty of days in a curled-up little ball, just crying and not understanding….”

“In writing and playing Catherine I’ve discovered an extraordinary sense of freedom and fun,” she said. “This character can be so uninhibited in her universe.” Catherine, Ms. Linton added, doesn’t care at all what people think of her.

Yup, definitely doesn’t sound like even the slightest response to the well-earned hurricane of shit she brought upon herself, over and over and over again. Anyway, what do you think your friends the Pences will make of the musings on spider sex, the frozen bits of the male anatomy as dance partners, the drugs, the orgy, the scatological humor, the dining on testicles?

“Probably not their cup of tea,” she said at long last. She started to add something, but [publicist Howard] Bragman cut her off…. “Stop,” he said. “Good answer.”

God love these people and their total lack of self-awareness. Speaking of!

“It’s not nice to judge other people on their looks, beliefs, political persuasion or lifestyle choices,” Catherine says, hugging a guy of size in her Peloton class. “Let’s all just be a little kinder to one another.”

Yup, it’s definitely those criticizing her, her husband, her wedding officiant and her husband’s boss who’ve been doing those things, right?

A teaser trailer was supposed to have arrived by now, but Ms. Linton on Thursday decided to pause the film’s promotional campaign, citing the “sickening” storming of the Capitol by pro-Trump forces.

All that unpleasantness aside, perhaps we could have a bit of an insight into what Louise has to look forward to once Steve is back in Bel Air full-time?

She watches the TV drama “Yellowstone” with her husband, for instance, and has the hots for Rip, the beefy ranch hand played by Cole Hauser. “I’m like, Steven, you need to put on a cowboy hat and talk like Rip,” she said, “and Steven makes fun of me by going, ‘Rip, Rip, Rip.’”

Wow, that guy is every bit as hilarious as we hoped, funnier even than illegally evicting poor people from their homes. Maybe even funnier than Me You Madness, which will be available (video on demand, of course; unlike her husband Linton wouldn’t have people risking their health to see her little “potpourri of silliness” in theaters, even in the unlikely event they’d have it) just over a month from today. We wish these two kids—who, it should be noted, have never lived as husband and wife when the former was not also the fourth highest-ranking executive officer in the land—the best of luck.

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