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Joe Biden has a wide array of voices in his ear, all helping him shape his approach to the daunting task of attempting to restart and rebuild the American economy in the midst of a pandemic that, in spite of the vaccine rollout, is getting worse by the day. Still, in spite of everything he’s seen over the past dozen years, the newly-minted president remains a believer in consensus, compromise and bipartisanship. To that end, he’ll no doubt want to hear all about the proposals of presidential send-off no-show, red-ink drenched party-planner Anthony Scaramucci, who after all has truly shown himself to have a finger on the pulse of the collective Zeitgeist and a preternatural ability to read where the political winds are blowing, and who was, after all, in the White House for slightly longer than Biden has been so far.

“Now is not the time to raise taxes any more than it was with the first part of the Obama administration,” Scaramucci, who was former President Trump’s White House Communications Director, told Yahoo Finance Live. “I would respect at some point that will be likely — whether people listening to us right now like it or not. But now's not the time to do that, any more than it was the time to do that in the 2009, '10, early part of '11 time period, while we were digging ourselves out of a global financial crisis.”

Scaramucci added that he would even “respect the idea of moving [the corporate tax rate] from 21% to 28% — or back up to 39.6%, given the massive amount of deficit spending that we're doing….”

“One thing that President Trump got right was a lighter touch on regulation,” said Scaramucci.

His advice to Biden? “Have more trust in the business community. That will help these companies grow. It will give them confidence to invest and deploy capital as we come out of the pandemic,” said Scaramucci. “Be cautious on raising taxes. Let's create more jobs. Let's get the wheel moving in the system. Don't over regulate.”

We’re sure your recommendations have been duly noted by both the president and Gary Gensler, Mooch. You can now return to figuring out new and not-so-innovative ways to lose money.

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