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As the rats bravely flee the collapsing Trump administration and its failed Putsch at just about the very last minute, they can count Nelson Peltz among their spiritual number.

“I didn’t vote for Trump in ’16. I voted for him in this past election in November. Today, I’m sorry I did that.”

Well, we can certainly understand your disappointment, Nelson. After all, higher taxes on hedge fund managers is definitely not what you signed up for.

The Internal Revenue Service released regulations restricting a valuable tax break that hedge fund managers were able to claim after an error in the 2017 Republicans tax law…. The 2017 law exempted corporations from having to hold assets longer before qualifying for the preferential tax rates. Hedge funds found a way to use that exemption by setting up a series of S corporations and limited liability companies for managers entitled to share carried-interest payouts, allowing them to be eligible for the lower rates more quickly. So-called C corporations, the common structure for most publicly traded companies, aren’t subject to the three-year holding period.

Oh, that’s not why you’re apologizing?

“Trump could have taken a different tack. He could have accepted the results. He could have offered his friendship, his support and his help for a transition to Biden. Had he done that, his legacy would be 180 degrees different from what it is today,” Peltz added. “I mean, we had people shooting at each other in Congress. I mean, it’s beyond belief. And how could you say that is anything but his legacy?”

With all due respect, which is to say none at all, to Mr. Peltz, Mick Mulvaney, Gary Cohn and the rest of them: Fuck you. Especially Peltz, for having seen all that Trump has said and done and wrought over the last four years, decided it was good enough for another four, and then clutching his pearls. At what point, exactly, since he first rode down that escalator, Nelson, has Trump made any indication that would accept the results of an election that went against him, let alone graciously offer a helping hand to the guy who beat him? You certainly haven’t, and refusing to do so has been the one consistent theme of Trump’s entire shambolic political career. You gambled American democracy and the fate of the republic on your own enrichment and lost in every conceivable way, so please spare us any further crocodile tears or, really, any opinion of yours on anything, ever again. And, once again, Mazel Tov on this year’s happy and almost certainly maskless and non-compliant nuptials.

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