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New York Mets fans have high hopes that Steve Cohen will change everything about the way their team was mismanaged by his predecessors as owner. Most especially, they’re hopeful that he’ll invest some of the $1.4 billion he made last year in on-field talent. But they’d presumably hope he doesn’t embarrass them in other ways, like, say, by discriminating against female employees, as the Wilpons were allegedly wont to do.

Of course, Cohen has gone some way to alleviating those fears, at least among his now-fellow MLB owners. But if lawsuits are to be believed, he’s got more in common with his for partners and petty rivals than most would like.

In the complaint, Sara Vavra, who led a trading group at Point72, said Mr. Cohen stopped by her office in July 2019 and began “an abusive, expletive-ridden tirade” in which he said her work “sucked” and she was “stupid.” She said in the complaint that beyond dropping a few generic expletives Mr. Cohen also used a derogatory word for a woman’s genitals…. Later in the same day as his verbal assault, Mr. Cohen summoned her to another person’s office at the firm, where he continued to belittle her abilities. This time he did so in front of others and again used profane language….

“Cohen ridiculed me, calling me an ‘idiot’ and incompetent,” she said in the complaint. “He told me that I was ‘wrong about everything.’” She said he added, “I should fire you because you’re so stupid….” Ms. Vavra contended that Mr. Cohen had a similar habit of publicly berating his female assistants. She said his verbally abusive behavior was so bad that the firm had to move some of his female assistants “to a different wing of the building so they could not overhear” him.

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