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There were many casualties of the storming of the U.S. Capitol by right-wing yahoos last month: Literal ones, such as the five dead and nearly 200 injured police officers. Figurative ones, such as the unbroken 224-year record of peaceful transfers of power in the United States of America. Belated ones, like taking away the president who marshalled the riot’s favorite toys.

But there were others, collateral damage, if you will, such as to political candidates’ and PACs’ bank accounts and, hopefully, to the future careers of Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley and Marjorie Taylor Greene. And among them was the release of the trailer for the Secretary of the Treasury’s wife’s passion project. Indeed, Louise Linton decided a splashy promotional push for a movie celebrating other “indescribable,” if also rather amusing, violence at that particular moment in time, especially on the part of a woman who was married by one of the folks those frankly hilarious rioters were hoping to lynch on the Capitol grounds, was perhaps not the best idea. Inopportune. Best put off until cooler heads have prevailed and America can go back to laughing at what the super-rich have wrought.

That day is, apparently, today, for double-L at last dropped the trailer for Me You Madness on Friday night. And while it looks like a preview for a movie being released on Feb. 12, 1987, it is in fact set to hit your local streaming service on Feb. 12 of this year, just 11 days from now.

We think you’ll agree that Louise was totally right and that now is the perfect time for America to get a sneak peek at this ersatz American Psycho folly, although we do wish she’d included some towards the mountains of blow and testes a la mode that were promised. Gotta save something for the paying customers, we guess. Anyway, happy return to normalcy, America. We did it.

Oh god, what have we done?

Me You Madness trailer [YouTube]



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